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Feature Discussion / Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA
Last post by Steeley -
Back in the TCPIP/telenet days of BSD and VAX-VMS SYS36, etc.., when unix shipped with u/p guest/guest, and every access port wide open (and nobody cared) I was working with some lads out of XDS and Lockheed's Skunkworks, and I was running a Z80 processor on a CP/M box with a Bell acoustic coupler, "email" was logging in on someone's computer, navigating to their personal message folder and dropping a text file in it, then navigating to yours and see if anything was there for you to copy to your floppy disk (no hard drive).. 
For amusement we had contests to see how many college and defense computers we could daisy-chain together in a big loop and eventually log back in to the first computer system we accessed, log and count the hops and the miles  (and continents) and see who could top it.  And then back out of the loop in reverse order without disconnecting and severing the chain in the middle by mistake (disqualification). All command line..  Those were the days...

They could have left it all like that, it was all fine and fun and games, but then someone started selling game software (worm, space invader and something else in a 3 game package for $20 (heresy.. you write and share software, only dweebs BUY IT!!), and the lads thought automating text file transfers in scheduled relays all over the State of California would be cool (and low and behold, what we constructed in CP/m got ported to DOS which had just come out, eventually to become RBBS).., and it's been all going down hill ever since..  I blame Gates, honestly.

Ray Tomlinson wasn't part of our happy little group, but he was fairly well known to several of the guys at XDS. I mostly just beta-tested their stuff, once I proved I've little talent for programming - I'm a hardware guy - but I'm really adept at finding bugs (or them finding me) and breaking other-people's software. Ray left the planet 6 years ago, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn he wasn't fond of what his "invention" turned into either.  You want to move binary files, that's what FTP is for, and HTML is for web documents, not email

Oh, and everyone needs to stay off my lawn, too. :: curmudgeon ::
Feature Discussion / Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA
Last post by Spuds -
That could be!

The wrapping is what quoted-printable encoding does to a text string.  That a built in function for the language, not something I wrote :innocent:  I'll do some more looking at the code, especially new topic and see if I can repo this on my local.  I did take the string you posted and ran it though a quoted printable decode, and its all right other than those (2) ".." 

Its been a couple of weeks, so I need to re-state, I hate email :P
Feature Discussion / Re: What to do about ... CAPTCHA
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Steeley –
I do not see the "index..php" repeated in any other message, but they aren't the first message in the thread either, and none contain line breaks at "inde= to orphan the 'x' to the next line.

So I'm not sure if it's me or EH.. no idea what caused that.. :zany_face:

@Spuds  It appears to be related to word-wrap orphaning the "x." of 'index.php' ( "inde=x..php" ). Other emailed posts (first in topic or not) don't replicate the problem, but they don't wrap at exactly that point in the link, either.

Maybe the "f'-up fairy" was just passing through...   :rolleyes:   (happens to me a lot..)