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Support / "An Error Has Occurred"
Last post by MartinTS -
Hi All,
It's my first time installing Elkarte and I love it so far, but I'm getting an error that seems to pop up randomly "Call to undefined function shell_exec()".
I seem to be able to clear it by clicking on the Home link. But I need to fix this before I roll it out to my community.
Has anyone seen this before?
International Support / Re: tool for translating
Last post by Spuds -
I use WinMerge for file comparisons, I've found it to be the "best" option.   I have used notepad++ for comparisons but its just ok and really only for a file to file compare.  

A few years ago Winmerge development was pretty dead, but there was a good fork which has become the current winmerge.  Maybe this version will work better for you.
International Support / tool for translating
Last post by Jorin -
I have to translate the last five or six changes on the language files, so I have to compare them. Do you know a tool to do that comfortable? I tried WinMerge a few years ago, but it is very complicated, especially with a lot of files. Any tipps?
Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Zioclive -
For some reason when I first read your reply I though it said masturbated ... hey now !  Time to get some new lenses!

I've always relied on luck as well,  but I like the definition of luck being "where preparation meets opportunity"  Not sure who originated that saying but always thought it good advice.  Its a bit like saying you make your own luck.

Well quoting Virgil :Audaces fortuna iuvat (Fortune favors the bold)

I usually say to myself :"if you want a hope to win, you'll have  to play ".
Nevertless I play bingo quite often without winning.