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Bug Reports / Re: Quotes
Last post by Spuds -
Should be safe for anyone on 1.1.x
Certainly 1.1.7+ but its not like I can realistically test every combination of this and Elk like a Mr. Potato head:potato:LOL  :cheesy:
Chit Chat / Inline Code
Last post by Burke_Knight -
I'd like to know when the inline code BBC started, and how to get it to work.
Also, when try to quote something that has inline code, it loses the code block.
Bug Reports / Re: Quotes
Last post by Ruth -
Thank you very much, Spuds. :smiley:

I tried your file. It is working almost, if you quote or are editing a post with a quote.
Then you can change to WYSIWYG and can type now in editor.

But if the settings in profile say "use WYSIWYG editor", then it does still not work.