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Feature Discussion / asComments API
Last post by Atlas -
spitballing, so I guess...
  • a board, "SITE Comments"
  • optimally topic pages are auto-generated upon SITE page creation
  • replies are syndicated to SITE pages as comments
  • SITE shares forum login for commenting
  • WYSIWYG also available on SITE pages - so post via forum or SITE page
  • inject new comment in SITE page, no reload

  • Site comments, duh
  • You have 100% control and ownership of your SITE comments (rather than DISQUS or fb or whomever)
  • Easily moderate comments on potentially thousands of SITE pages

  • DRY violation? Nah, you can use semantic markup (linked-data, i.e. RDFa) to define the relationship between the two instances of (the same) content

Related Ideas:
  • asReviews API, only difference would be the semantic markup
  • less related, but a shareSearch API

Support / Re: Re: Session Verification Error!
Last post by Atlas -
You are using a redirect to hide the index.php and this is the thing messing with sessions.

ha! i didn't think of that! good catch, I forgot about that configuration.

Thank you so very much, I'm excited about this again, I can't wait to share my customizations with you. idk if you remember me from last year but I'm an rdfa-dev, but that's just the beginning of my customizing ideas, I'm also planning to use the forum as a Comments' repository... by that I mean I intend to auto-generate topics per page for the site and use topic-replies as comments --semantically marked-up as such, of course. Kinda Elkarte meets Disqus... a Disqus that can't be censored by the likes of someone like Disqus.
Bug Reports / Re: [1.1.5] Generates invalid Sphinx Search configuration
Last post by Spuds -
Likely something I did ... our the new settings class, or both.

I know I tweaked the default Sphinx config as the valid config values change with every Sphinx release so I tried to keep it somewhat "current".  The default config is a starting point and can always be tweaked as needed by a site.  Anyway glad you have it sorted, I'll take a look and see whats up as well,
Bug Reports / [1.1.5] Generates invalid Sphinx Search configuration
Last post by kode54 -
As of version 1.1.5, Sphinx search has stopped working, and attempting to generate a configuration produces an invalid configuration file.

Code: [Select]
ERROR: named section: expected name, got '/' in /etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf line 1

I see it's using full Unix pathnames as section names now, for some reason.

E: Ah, it appears to default the search index prefix to "/var/lib/sphinx", and doesn't save it if I change it to something else.