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Chit Chat / Re: Spuds PC
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Burke Knight –
Quote from: Steeley – My apple PC monitor has worms :worm:  (literally, I turned it, and an IBM PC Jr. into planters on the back deck)
You need to take a pic and post it, so can see the "after" version....

Alas, the wife and I came to a compromise about 10 years ago and my part of the deal was to get rid of them. I didn't object too much since nobody new "got it" any more (early on, they either, like you  and spuds, appreciated it right off the bat, or they had no idea what they were /millennials, etc../ and hence no words could convey - "if ya gotta explain, it ain't as funny.." ), plus she had a point - they were getting really scuzzy.  (No children, that's not a SCSI typo, although it could be a pun, I guess, they could never be SCSI..),
I'll have to call my buddy Marc and see if he still has the pictures he took of them about 30 years ago. If he does, I'll post 'em
Chit Chat / Re: Spuds PC
Last post by Spuds -
Probably the best use of an IBM PCjr. that I've ever heard of:clap:
Site Feedback / Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0
Last post by Spuds -
Well its been some time since I did a site refresh, but its now done.   This is the latest 2.0 code.

Behind the scenes alot has changed in the code, so you may not see as many new shiny features, but there are a few. Obviously all of the standard things of bug fixes, moving to much more recent PHP version requirements (meaning the current code will not run well on 7.4), many theme tweaks, etc

  • Package manager consolidation ... upload/download/servers are now a single tab, easy to understand
  • Removed multiple package servers option, its now just the addon site.
  • Better file organization/grouping of common action controllers (wip)
  • More php8 function use where it made the code cleaner, not just for the heck of it
  • Lots 'o' bug fixes
  • Cleanup of theme.php controller so the file that you (optionally) may in a custom theme can be lite weight
  • Refactoring of a more old hideous procedural functions.  It must have been a competition at some point of who could write the most convoluted long function with nth level nested ternary functions.
  • Editor update from v2 to v3 (although our v2 was a custom build with most of the v3 fixes pulled in) plus updates to the plugins
  • Change the editor icons from 1980 chiclets to a more standard toolbar look
  • Removal of plain text box quick reply, now only full editor HA take that !
  • Fix like stats
  • Improved JS minimizer and overall css/js theme actions
  • Various theme updates all over the place, most minor, to improve harmony/consistency
  • Did I mention lots 'o' bug fixes? (yes there are still some to fix!)

Well report what is not working now, is still not working now, or is newly not working now :tongue:
Chit Chat / Re: Spuds PC
Last post by Zioclive -

It's perfect for tropical fishes acquarium  owners, you could use the patato-pc and at the same time warm up a  the fishes's water...
Chit Chat / Re: Spuds PC
Last post by radu81 -
can't believe I watched this video, anyway that mini PC is very powerful for those dimensions.
Site Feedback / Re: Server Change
Last post by Spuds -
Good old Post By Email (PBE, or should that be PbE) ... anyway all those mail list functions.  On the new server I could do it all local, but to keep testing as many things as  I can it will continue to use Imap via Gmail functions.