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Support / Re: generic string in the profiles
Last post by Spuds -
That change would only lowercase "Beitr├Ąge" where it was used in the description, the button/menu would not be changed, but this may not be proper in German.  If we feel the lowercase is incorrect, we can just use

Code: [Select]
			'description' => $txt['show' . $action_title . '_help'] ?? sprintf($txt['showGeneric_help'], $txt['show' . $action_title]),
Support / Re: Online Manual and "Support & Credits"
Last post by Spuds -
That is mostly remnants from SMF.  The only online information we have is at the wiki and there are a few direct links to its topics from the support/credits page, but as you found many of those are dead  and/or wrong pages.   The pages I have prioritized in fixing are the ones that are linked from the Community -> Help as those are the ones a normal user may try.

Yes the theme and package links in the admin section should point to the github site, I had not noticed those were included :embarrassed:

The current problems with the wiki are
1/ its mostly incomplete, sometimes in a wave of depression I will add a page or two, but its really incomplete.
2/ github has not exposed an API that allows us to search it remotely, you have to go to the wiki to do any search.  That is why search did not work for you, its been left there in hope that someday there will be a way.