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General ElkArte discussions / Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Spuds – .. fixed on my local, it was a side effect of the fix when no description was given. 

Sounds like my kind of fix - compensate for a "no description" situation and then make everything "no description." Voilla! :stuck_out_tongue: 

(I had a foreman who the business owner decided needed some formal management training, and the next "course" segment  available for him to attend was "Dealing With Problem Employees". It was the only management course he ever took, and from then on his management approach was to turn every employee into a problem employee so he knew how to manage them.)
Support / Re: Centering embedded video
Last post by Spuds -
There are s a lot of items going on in that.  We have the preview image, then the actual loading of the video (usually in an iframe) and the collapse box as well.

to center a video on the page, you could try adding

Code: [Select]
.elk_video_container {
display: grid;
justify-content: center;
to your index.css right above the .elk_video { section and see if that gives the desired effect.
Support / Centering embedded video
Last post by Burke Knight -
Enable auto-embedding of video links.

I love this, but there's an issue I have found.
The inability to center the video.
I've tried all the css tricks I could think of, to no avail.
Not sure if YouTube has something coded in their end that limits the ability or not.
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes
Last post by Burke Knight -
Quote from: Spuds – Here is an updated 1.1.10 package.  It has the following changes

- fixed another php8 issue in bad behavior
- fixed a php8 depreciation notice in spider stats
- fixed gibberish being returned for an empty new board description
- added option to move crawlers into the restrictive group which allows you to limit them to specific boards (easier than robot txt)

Not sure if you noticed this, but after this version of the patch, I make a new board and add description, but for some reason, the description vanishes. As if never entered. Confirmed this on 3 sites. No errors in the log.
Seems like there's something missing when saving, that does not include the description.
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes
Last post by Spuds -
Been running 1.1.10 live on a few sites, monitoring for any issues. 

I made one update today, not really a bug, but an inconsistency that you I could only see when running an addon.  It was one of those non-bugs that took 10x as long to figure out as a real bug LOL

Anyway I think its getting close to packing this up as in on my test sites I'm not seeing any errors (well other than users who can't remember their passwords LOL)