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Feature Discussion / Re: Support for webp images
Last post by Arantor -
The main drama with WebP is that it only got added to GD (the graphics library in PHP) relatively recently and I don’t know how up to date hosts are on the subject.
Feature Discussion / Re: Password Visibilty
Last post by Spuds -
You can easily add such functionality with just a few lines of JavaScript.  All the JS does is change the password input box from type password to type text (and back).

I'd probably add the JS function to the script.js file and then the needed checkbox to the login.template.php file.

The JS would be something like
Code: [Select]
function showPass()
let show_pass = document.getElementById('passwrd');
if (show_pass.type === 'password')
show_pass.type = 'text';
show_pass.type = 'password';

And to use it add the checkbox after the password input box in the login form along the lines of (depends on what the current markup is)
Code: [Select]
<label for="showpass">', $txt['show_password'], ':</label>
<input type="checkbox" id="showpass" onclick="showPass()" />

You would also need to add the definition for $txt['show_password'] to the language file.
Feature Discussion / Support for webp images
Last post by radu81 -
I did a test by enabling webp extension in Attachment Settings, the attachment is uploaded, but is displayed as full width inside a post, not as a thumbnail. I attach a screenshot

What do you think about supporting this format in Elkarte? As far as I can see, it was recently added as in wordpress, and I start to see more and more websites using this format for images.
Feature Discussion / Password Visibilty
Last post by 8thDay -
Hello all :)

I am a (very) new user so please forgive me if I am asking a question that is as old as the hills - FWIW I did do a forum search and could not see a relevant result.

Anyway, I know it is not a huge issue but I would like to ask for a check box which users could check if they wanted to see what they were typing into the password box.

Maybe there are reasons why this is not good but I always like to see what I type in the password box !

Liverpool UK
PS thanks so much for the forum software. I really like how the default theme looks out of the box. I am only part way through exploring all the functionality but so far it all looks great to me :)
Support / Re: Line break in activation email link
Last post by Spuds -
I did some quick testing on this and here is what I'm seeing with registration emails sent to:

Looking at the email on the native site (not an email client)
  • Yahoo -> link is intact
  • Outlook -> link is intact
  • ProtonMail -> link is intact
  • Gmail -> link is intact

All of the above email source have both the plain text and base64 encoded versions which is what the forum sends.

Looking at the emails with a client, in this case the Windows 10 Mail app
  • Yahoo -> link is intact,  the fetched email has been converted to quoted printable
  • Outlook -> link is intact, the fetched email has been converted to HTML from the plain text version
  • ProtonMail -> Did not test
  • Gmail -> link is broken, the fetched email has been converted to quoted printable

So it seems when the email client requests the email from Gmail, and Gmail converts it to QP encoding, something goes "wrong".  As to why its a dunno at this point, I hope Sundar gives you some insite.