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Feature Discussion / Re: Editor Toolbar
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Burke Knight –
Quote and Code should be added to the top row, IMHO.  :smiley:

I don't recall seeing the list buttons used often (on my own site or this one), if there is a need to depreciate some in order to elevate others to the the top row, but unless someone is running a technical site (or something requiring technical instruction - it might be confusing if not) I'm not sure the code button is that important either , and the quote button is easily replicated (for most intents and purposes ) with a copy and paste and a couple of keyboard quote key presses.  So, I'm not advocating any change to the way you have it Spuds, nor opposed to Burke Knights suggestion either. I'm easy, I can live with it either way. :man_shrugging:
Feature Discussion / Editor Toolbar
Last post by Spuds -
Thought it would be nice to hide the second row of icons on the editor to provide a cleaner look.

There are a lot of options, and many are infrequently used and probably never to many users.

I've tried to re-organize them and only place ones that I think:thinking:are the most commonly used, and the rest are hidden until you click on that vertical row of dots.

Let me know your thoughts :D
Site Feedback / Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0
Last post by Spuds -
Another update.  This one has a rather major change to the sites JS as I moved a lot of JQuery back to Vanilla JS.  There is still some specific JQ functions, but a lot of "random" JQ was removed and several JQ functions were converted.  Lots of other JS updates as noted below.

Next was the adding of Chunked Attachment Uploads  :partying_face: Now uploaded attachments are cut into chunks, sent, re-combined on the server, and then processed as if it was sent as one large file.  This also has retries on the chunks should a network glitch occur and allows multiple sends to be occurring which could improve speed.

Features Add/Improved

  • Chunked attachment uploading has been added.  This simplifies the "upload_max_filesize" as each chunk will be small enough to pass the limit.  The chunks are then re-combined on the server to the original file, then fully checked and transformed.  This ended up being more effort than I anticipated!
  • Update microdata to include view and like counts to 'interactionStatistic'
  • Add turnstile captcha to validators

Things Removed

  • Removed Sendtopic (email topic to someone).  This was planed to become a "share" with XYZ but its really not a good place for that either.  This was almost removed in 1.0 and then in 1.1 but now ... gone!
  • Removed javascript sha256 hashing to the login password.  This was an option that was useful when you were on a HTTP connection.  Originally is was sha1 but was updated to sha256, like a decade ago.  Now with HTTPS and browser warnings, its of no use (and TBH was at best an annoyance to someone snooping on a HTTP line)

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix quote toggle to/from wizzy in the editor
  • Fix front page options not working due to namespace and filename changes
  • Removed as much jquery code from the editor plugins as possible
  • Moved from JQuery $.ajax to fetch API everywhere
  • Added scripts/editor and scripts/ext directories to better organize the scripts folder
  • Moved several misplaced profile/admin/topic functions to their correct js files
  • Pull some feature only JS to thier own files instead of being in the core, helps lighten the core files.
  • Removed any depreciated/un-used functions
  • Converted several self starting functions to event based and place triggers in correct source/template files
  • Update the scripts to use more es6 where it makes things cleaner
  • Converted a lot of JQuery back to vanilla JS.  Some functions are still pure JQ but many were able to be done with plain JS