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General ElkArte discussions / Re: ElkArte 1.1.8 Patch Testing
Last post by JesusGod-Pope666.Info -
Nice guys :)

I have had some setbacks on my things as my computer died and still messing around with things. One problem usually grows into many many more sadly.

Dearly regards - Darkijah


Do we get the option of the Quick reply to be changed with the one with all the options? :)
Theme development / Re: SVG icons: how are you supposed to change fill colour?
Last post by Antechinus -
Here's a screenshot of the markup from Kiwi/Android...


And here's the same from Firefox/Windows 10...


On FF/W10 Stylus is functioning normally, injecting its own style tag last. On Kiwi/Android that style tag is missing from here.

But, I just had the bright idea of checking with dev tools on my online SMF 2.0.x test site, where Stylus works normally on Kiwi/Android. That has the "didomi" style tag and the Stylus style tags both working, so the "didomi" tag* doesn't appear to be the problem on Something else must be causing the issue here.

*The "didomi" style tag appears to be something injected by Kiwi, and I think it's to do with this:

Which seems fairly harmless, as you can opt out of everything in Settings if you want to.
Site Feedback / Re: Image attachment won't upload.
Last post by Spuds -
Its been an annoyance since we moved to the new server.  Its a one click fix from the ACP to get them working again but I'm not sure why its not happening auto-magically.  Of course I've not spent any time looking into it either :P
General ElkArte discussions / ElkArte 1.1.8 Patch Testing
Last post by Spuds -
Attached find a preliminary ElkArte 1.1.8 Patch that is suitable for testing only.  It will address the following items and one additional one that is being worked.

  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3509 Notice: Undefined index: front_page (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3499 Call to undefined function countUserMentions() (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3508 Emails may truncate when being downloaded (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3507 Emails may fail DKIM key processing (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Compliance with the old version of php we claim (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Point to a location that exists (ref).

  • [Enhancement] + First pass at making fulltext index search on subject only (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + D&D board arrangement was twitchy (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + enhance the MD word wrapping logic/flow (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + Ability to turn off current action from profile view (ref)

  • [Security] ! Fix #3506 Old Jquery Version security issues (ref).

    Say I'd attach the file, but the admin seems to be one lazy fellow and has not fixed the attachments :P  I'll be back!

    Now Attached
Theme development / Re: SVG icons: how are you supposed to change fill colour?
Last post by Antechinus -
Aha! Figured it out. On mobile you have some sort of trickery injecting a style tag for elements related to Didomi, and that is killing Stylus's attempt to inject the custom style tag in the same location (ie: just before the closing tag of the body element).

So to get Stylus working on this site I would have to use a script blocker to kill the Didomi thing (which frankly does not seem like a useful addition, considering it's not applied to desktop anyway). If that was done, custom stylesheets via Stylus/Android might work on this site.
Theme development / Re: SVG icons: how are you supposed to change fill colour?
Last post by Antechinus -
Here's an odd one. I'm trialling Kiwi browser for Android*. Although I can get Stylus running custom CSS overrides on Android for an SMF test site, for some reason I can't get it to recognise the custom stylesheet on**

Which is odd, since the stylesheet is enabled in Stylus settings on Android, just like the desktop version I'm using at the moment on Windows. The desktop version on Windows applies here just fine, but the version running on Android does not.

At the moment I don't have an online Elk test site, so I suppose I should set one up and see if I can get the Stylus override stylesheet working there.

* Yes, Grumpychinus now haz teh smartphone. Yay me.  :P

** Incidentally, I do know that Kiwi browser seems to have some odd bugs. It always crashes the tab if I try to access the forum over at SMF, and sometimes (but not always) crashes the tab if I try to access the TLD there.

So the Stylus custom stylesheet not working on could be due to Kiwi having weird bugs per domain. But, at the moment, it seems to be the only browser for Android that will allow running extensions. Hey ho.