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Support / Re: Blocking Guests from viewing specific Board ?
Last post by D.M. -
Quote from: ahrasis – Just untick guests from allowed groups to disable their access, then change the board to Read Only.

Quote from: Spuds – As above:point_up_2:... Admin -> Forum -> Modify  Boards

Then find the board and use the MODIFY button, uncheck Guest from the allowed groups.

What kind of magic is this ? I was searching all around clicking everywhere but only after I saw your reply its like I exactly knew what to do and I clicked on the board name in Board Permissions and found the ticker for Guests !

You guys are amazing ! Thank you very much !
Support / Blocking Guests from viewing specific Board ?
Last post by D.M. -
Greetings ElkArtians !

Running into a bit of a difficult time setting up board specific permissions for the Guest user group, tried absolutely everything but you gentlemen may have a resolution that I couldnt find!

So the idea is to make one of the Boards read only (that's done by setting up the read only permissions for the specific board) But I would like to completely ban Guests from even viewing that specific board, is that possible ?

Thanks in advance !
Bug Reports / Re: Forum Died please help!
Last post by D.M. -
Quote from: Spuds – Where did you get your version of tabbed smileys ?  I had made an update to the addon here: but its not on the addon site as its not mine to update.

I don't think that addon makes any theme edits, so once installed it should work on all installed themes.

If you go to install an addon that says use emulation mode, use caution.

Quote from: Denis M. – aying it couldnt run TabbedSmileys.js
Did it say that or that it could not find that file?  Since JS only runs on the browser, thats an odd error to see.

Oh I was downloading Addons from the Addon site :O

How can I enter emulation mode ?

I have no actual idea why the TabbedSmileys.js didnt work, but I have sucessfully uninstalled it even though it gave an error and thankfully it didnt break the forums, now I'm just worried about the various hooks and modification residue it may have left in the code that might interfere in the future, I'm pretty lost when it comes to manually running hooks tried looking it up but it seems that it's not so simple to find out which ones are modified :x

Quote from: ahrasis – You can simply proceed to uninstall. Clean that file manually, if it is still needed, later.

Yeah that's what I did, it's currently working since I added the fix in the themes Load.php file, but I am concerned about the other code changes it left behind , not sure exactly how to find all the edits it may have done

That emulation mode seems like a nice thing, would love to hear more about it

Also I posted about another issue I had, where the code edits popup on the frontend only after about an hour or two ? Is that an automatic caching by my hosting provider or something ? Since I have caching turned off on ElkArte

Thanks for the advice gentlemen !
Support / Re: Weird SMTP
Last post by Spuds -
It does not matter that you use Softalicious to install, that has no effect on SMTP

Quote from: Hometutor – Also is there a way to test the email besides registering my own emails and checking for a registration email?
Not that it helps, but in 2.0 I added a way to test email ... in 1.1 the best way is what I described above as that service will accept any email no matter how ugly it may be, its purpose is to help you see if you are sending the email, and if so will a "real" mailbox accept it. 

For example .gmail will not accept emails if your PTR record is missing.  .outlook  (business version where the email is from .yerBussiness) is a notorious blocker of email.  Anyway point is to test if its actually sending use the above service.