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Support / Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9
Last post by niloc -
I guess my tinkering has made my database really not clean. I can't seem to upgrade it, it always gets stuck at the Executing: "Deprecating admin_info_files table..." (1 of 13) part.

Is there any way to just extract the vital parts of the db to a clean install of Elkarte?
Support / Re: Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9
Last post by ahrasis -
1.1.9 or 1.1.10 should work fine IMO since they are the same 1.1 family version. I would say backup both files and database before proceeding. You can overwrite too as another alternative but I am not sure if there is/are any version(s) in particular you should upgrade first before final upgrade to 1.1.10.
Feature Discussion / Re: Editor Toolbar
Last post by ahrasis -
Quote from: Burke Knight – Not all quotes are from the same site, don't forget.
I don't really get you on that. The quote button also doesn't directly support quoting from other sites as well; and if you are using quote selected feature you can simply modify / delete the quote early parts (author, link and date). It is better and faster than quote button, at least to me.
General ElkArte discussions / Elkarte vs "Newer" Forums like Flarum / Discourse
Last post by niloc -
I've been an SMF user for years, before joining ElkArte due to better updates and people, and it's been.. a looong time now. Two decades?

As I've been reading up on all sorts of forum softwares, I'm wondering what are the advantages that "traditional" forums like ElkArte have over "newer" forums like Flarum / Discourse?

I know one huge disadvantage with Discourse, you can't run it on a shared host. It has to be on a digital drop. That's expensive.

But besides that, I'm trying to think of the pros and cons of both.

Anyone here have any experiences with both and mind sharing your thoughts? Would be really glad to hear your opinions out!  :cool:
Support / Updating & Upgrading to Elkarte 1.1.9
Last post by niloc -
Hello folks, long time no see!

I've actually been using Elkarte 1.1 Beta 1 for many many years now, and have super customized it, heavily editing most of the code.

But yeah, it's time for a massive upgrade, to 1.1.9 or maybe even Beta 2.0.

What would the best steps be to go about this?

What I have in mind is this so far:
Step 1 - Force update my current 1.1 Beta 1 to 1.1.9.
Step 2 - Backup export the database.
Step 3 - Install a fresh new 1.1.9
Step 4 - Import the database into this fresh install.

Main reason for the fresh install is because I've tinkered too much with the original forum that I'm not too sure what may or may not have messed up.

Any comments?  :smiley:
Feature Discussion / Re: Editor Toolbar
Last post by Spuds -
Quote from: Burke Knight – Quote and Code should be added to the top row, IMHO
Those were the two that I went back and forth on.  I use code often here, but not on other sites that I occasionally spam on.  Quote for me tends to be covered by the "quote selected" feature or simple quote the whole thing.  That said everyone has different usage styles.

Quote from: Steeley – depreciate some in order to elevate others to the the top row,
This is part of the decision process.  I don't want to end up with so many on the top row that it becomes overwhelming.  I agree lists are one option to put in the hidden row, more of a special needs and I just tend to use the short syntax list feature anyway. 

Another option (potential) is to collapse the right, left, center, pre options into a drop down (like the font or color picker).  That way instead of 4 spots in the menu, its only 1.  Here again only center is probably used, I don't see the other used at all.